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基于卫星观测优化的长三角地区NOX排放对空气质量模拟和臭氧与二次无机气溶胶生成影响研究论文被ACP接收(Our work on improvement from the satellite-derived NOX emissions on air quality modeling and its effect on ozone and secondary inorganic aerosol formation in Yangtze River Delta, China was accepted by Atmos Chem Phys)

Published:2021-01-28  Views:612

       我们基于“自上而下”的方法和卫星观测数据反演了长三角地区2016年1月、4月、7月和10月NOX排放。结果显示“自上而下”NOX排放为260 Gg/月,比“自下而上”排放低24%。基于“自上而下”排放的NO2模拟结果要明显好于“自下而上”排放的结果,暗示基于非线性反演方法和卫星观测可以优化NOX排放。基于O3和SNA的敏感性分析实验,发现VOCs排放对减缓长三角O3污染十分重要,而减少NH3排放对控制该地区冬季的SNA污染最有效。



  We developed a “top-down” methodology combining the inversed chemistry transport modeling and satellite-derived tropospheric vertical column of NO2, and estimated the NOX emissions of Yangtze River Delta (YRD) region at a horizontal resolution of 9 km for January, April, July and October 2016. The top-down estimates of NOX emissions were calculated at 260.0 Gg/month, 24% less than the bottom-up one. The model performance based on top-down estimate was much better, suggesting the improvement of NOX emission estimation with the nonlinear inversed modeling and satellite observation constraint. The sensitivity analysis of O3 and SNA formation implied that VOCs control played a crucial role on O3 pollution abatement and that reducing NH3 emissions was the most effective way to alleviate SNA pollution for YRD in winter.

  Congratulations to Yang Yang!

 The bottom-up and top-down estimates of NOX emissions by month for the YRD region in 2016.


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