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祝贺杨金曌,操淑贞和朱新志 硕士毕业(Congratulations to Jinzhao Yang ,Shuzhen Cao and Xinzhi Zhu for their master thesis defense)

Published:2021-05-27  Views:1316



      Jinzhao Yang ,Shuzhen Cao and Xinzhi Zhu finished their master thesis defense in May 2021. The titles of their theses are "Co-benefits of Energy and Pollution Control Policies on Air Quality and Health in China in the Future "and "Study on Inventories ,"Optimization of Anthropogenic Atmospheric Mercury Emission Inventory and Evaluation of Co-benefit Control Effectiveness in China" and "Reduction Potentials of Industrial Volatile Organic Compounds Emissions in Jiangsu Province", respectively. The chair of dissertation committee is Prof. Qingeng Wang, and other committee members include Prof. Yu Zhao,Zongwei Ma and Lei Zhang.
      Congratulations to Jinzhao Yang ,Shuzhen Cao and Xinzhi Zhu!




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