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祝贺卢怡、奚梦晓和周培生硕士毕业(Congratulations to Yi Lu and Mengxiao Xi and Peisheng Zhou for their master thesis defense)

Published:2020-07-27  Views:1921



      Yi Lu and Mengxiao Xi and Peisheng Zhou finished their master thesis defense in May 2020. The titles of their theses are "Evaluation of the NOx emission reductions from the Air Quality Assurance Actions for Typical Events in the Yangtze River Delta Region Based on Satellite Observation Constraint" ,"The study on spatiotemporal pattern of bulk depositions and their responses to emissions of typical atmospheric pollutants in China "and "Characteristics and Influencing Factors of Atmospheric Mercury Sources and Sinks in Nanjing", respectively. The chair of dissertation committee is Prof. Qingeng Wang, and other committee members include Prof. Huan Zhong and Haikun Wang.
      Congratulations to Yi Lu , Mengxiao Xi and Peisheng Zhou!




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