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祝贺杨杨完成在线博士论文答辩(Congratulations to Yang Yang for his online PhD thesis defense)

Published:2020-05-04  Views:1679





    On the morning of March 23, 2020, Yang Yang successfully completed the defense of his doctoral dissertation in the form of an online conference. This is the first time that the School of Environment at Nanjing University has used the online defense method to defend his thesis.

    The titles of his theses is "Estimation of NOX emissions based on satellite observation and its influence on air quality modeling in Yangtze River Delta, China". The chair of dissertation committee is Prof. Qingeng Wang, and other committee members include Prof. Chun Zhao, Jianlin Hu, Yanxu Zhang, Haikun Wang and Lei Zhang.

    Congratulations to Yang Yang!


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