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多伦多大学Jeff Brook教授来访(Professor Jeff Brook from University of Toronto visited our group)

Published:2020-03-15  Views:1014

       多伦多大学的Jeff Brook教授于2019年11月4日访问了我们的研究小组,并就基于通用环境数据的生命历程队列研究进行了演讲。他领导的项目涉及城市和区域空气质量的实验室分析、外场观测和数值模拟,着重研究细颗粒物与气象学的相互作用以及旨在更好地理解空气污染物与人体健康之间关系的暴露评估


    Prof. Jeff Brook from University of Toronto visited our group on 4 November 2019 and gave us a talk on Building the foundations for virtual life course cohorts through common environmental data. He leads projects involving lab, field and modeling activities studying urban and regional air quality, emphasizing fine particulate matter, interactions with meteorology and exposure assessment designed to better understand the relationship between air pollutants and human health.



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