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祝贺赵文鑫、束秋子和陈太优完成本科论文答辩(Congratulations to Wenxin Zhao, Qiuzi Shu and Taiyou Chen for their bachelor thesis defense)

Published:2019-09-05  Views:1149



    Wenxin Zhao, Qiuzi Shu and Taiyou Chen finished their bachelor thesis defense in June 2019. The titles of their theses

are“Characteristics and Influencing Factors of Critical Loads of Acid Deposition in China, 1985-2015”, “Water-soluble ions composition and source apportionment of size-segregated atmospheric particles measured in Xianlin, Nanjing ”, and “the Design of Technological Path on VOCs Emission Control in Chemical Industry of Jiangsu Province”,respectively.

    Congratulations to Wenxin Zhao, Qiuzi Shu and Taiyou Chen!

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