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祝贺赵雪芬和张妍硕士毕业(Congratulations to Xuefen Zhao and Yan Zhang for their master thesis defense)

Published:2019-09-04  Views:1265

      赵雪芬和张妍在2019年5月完成了他们的硕士论文答辩。他们的论文题目分别是“基于地面及卫星观测约束的长三角区域黑碳排放清单校验”和“基于在线监测的燃煤电厂排放清单优化、验证及排放控制效益研究 ”。答辩委员会主席是陈泽智教授,其他委员会成员包括马宗伟教授和王海鲲教授。


    Xuefen Zhao and Yan Zhang finished their master thesis defense in May 2019. The titles of their theses are "Top-down Estimate of Regional Black Carbon Emissions using Ground and Satellite Observations for the Yangtze River Delta Region" and " Optimization and Validation of Air Pollutant Emission Inventory of Coal-fired Power Sector in China and Benefits of Emission Reduction Policy Based on Continuous Emission Monitoring", respectively. The chair of dissertation committee is Prof. Zezhi Chen, and other committee members include Prof. Zongwei Ma and Haikun Wang.
      Congratulations to Xuefen Zhao and Yan Zhang!


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