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空气污染,气候变化和人类健康研讨会(Workshop on Air Pollution, Climate Change and Human Health)

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   The Workshop on Air Pollution, Climate Change and Human Health (WACH) is going to be held in Nanjing, China from 16 through 18 July, 2019. WACH is an international symposium initiated by Nanjing University and Emory University. The aims of this workshop are to discover the mutual effects among air pollution, climate change and human health around the world, to promote international collaborations on the improvement of regional air quality and the mitigation of global climate change, and to explore the Emission to Exposure mode for decision making on the control of air pollution and climate change starting from human health. Yields from this workshop will provide fundamental support for decision making on environmental issues and intergovernmental cooperation.





   The theme of the 2019 WACH is “the Emission to Exposure (E2E) mode for decision making on the control of air pollution and climate change”. The workshop covers a broad range of research interests with three kernel topics as follows:

(1) Impacts of industrial and agricultural emissions on air pollution and climate change;

(2) Coupling of air pollution and climate change in chemical transport models;

(3) Impacts of air pollution and climate change on regional and global human health.


    We welcome you to join our workshop! We strongly believe that it will be an opportunity for scientists from the community of atmospheric sciences and ecological toxicology to share knowledge, advance networking, and reinforce cooperation, especially between developed and developing countries. The 2019 WACH will have one plenary session, three panel sessions, and a tour to an observatory near Taihu Lake in eastern China.


    If you are willing to give an oral presentation on the panel sessions of the 2019 WACH. Please send your name, title, affiliation, and the title of your presentation to lzhang12@nju.edu.cn before June 30, 2019. Thank you!


    Please forward this email to your colleagues. We look forward to seeing you in Nanjing!




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